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Gandhibagh Zone’s Safaikaamgars.

Raju Umarlal Gaikwad
Antu Brajlal Nakashe
Sunil Murari Khobragade Gandhibagh Zone’s Safaikaamgars.
Our Constitution guides us to abide side-by-side as empathetic citizens and thus, democracy has an important role to play. The Government has provided the right to education to all irrespective of religion, caste, and creed. Plus, currently, Sanitation and Hygiene is accentuated by the government because the people prefer to stay in a posh, up-to-date environment.
However, is law necessary to maintain Cleanliness as well as Empathy?
What about the Human Conscience, and all the Moral Tales that we grew up listening to and will be passing on?

In India, which is the second most populated country, the majority of the children aspire towards good, voluptuous jobs like Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Teachers, and Officers. Recently Artists are escalating the market as well ‼️‼️But no one would let the thought of becoming a Sweeper, Garbage Collector or Maid linger around their head, even though proper Sanitation is necessary for a CLean Good Environment and Our Health.
Today a major number of populace is engaged in jobs related to Cleanliness and Hygiene.
No job is easy, However this JOB is Hazardous as well.
So many years of Education and yet nobody taught us to be kind.
We as Educated Citizens should take a Step and Segregate the Waste in our houses into DRY, WET and REJECTS/HAZARDOUS Accordingly we should pass on the boxes/packets/bags to the Waste picker.
In this way firstly the country as a whole would participate in the Garbage maintenance and secondly, would help our fellow people who are also human and are employed in the Respective job.
After all Education is not just for a Quality life,but for emerging as a Quality Personality too.
We as the members of Equicity and Swacch Association interacted with these regular and important people and convinced them to voice their opinions.”” They who don’t Count because we Prefer not to Hear them, but we can’t do without them “”
These workers have told us their experiences with Gentlemen and Ladies who lack Humanity,They confided in us with stories in which they were treated with Disrespect and as Untouchable for doing a job that no Prodigy would do.
We want to ask why
Why are they not treated equally? And How will/ can Humanity be Restored?
Well written by Aarohi Singhel????
Thank you Team EQUICITY ????????????????????????

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