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Who Are We:

As citizens of a city considered to be the center of the country, we started our NGO Swacch Association!… Swacch Bharat! Our aim … utilizing our waste and using it as a resource in a De-Centralized System……getting rid of landfill sites with the hope of recycling most of the waste and converting it into energy.

1) Spreading awarenesss among citizens to segregate waste at source.

2) Stop burning of garbage.

3) Eradication of Plastic use.

To get a clean and green waste free Nagpur.

Through our systems we wish to reach our target a decentralized system to be taken up by all cities like Nagpur.

Change the mindset of the citizens to treat waste as a resource. Listen to the burden on landfill sites and solve environmental issues of land, water, and air pollutions.

We began this with our campaigns in various areas in cooperation with NMC and corporators. An effort to educate citizens on proper disposal of waste! Our dream to have a clean and beautiful city! …..our partner’s Citizens of Nagpur! To make your city livable and one which you are proud of!

We conduct workshops to teach them to handle their own waste at source at colleges, slums, schools, residential societies etc. Leaf composting project done with the municipal corporation has formed a system for housing societies and girls hostel for sanitary waste disposal, identifying each type of waste and trying to form a complete system with end to end solution and also educate about it. Also promoting cloth and paper bags to eradicate plastic use with the help of self-help groups. The burning of waste is a major cause of air pollution, we are trying to stop that also thru the corporation. Many more such projects which we would also like to do, to sensitize community and cities.

Our Specialization

  • Awarness Programs With Proper Presentations
  • Activators (Culture)
  • Leaf Composter
  • End To End Solutions
  • Composting Facilities
  • Cloth and Paper Bags

Lets Make Our City More Clean & More Green Together

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